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To promote leader and organizational agility and the building of cohesive and durable teams by giving time to reading, critical thinking, and discussing themes common to the military profession.
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Sway - Ori Brafman; Rom Brafman
Call Number: 153.42 Brafman 2008; AUDIO CD 153.42 Brafman 2008
ISBN: 9780385530606
Publication Date: 2009-06-02
Drawing on cutting-edge research from social psychology, behavioral economics and organizational behavior, Ori Brafman and his brother Rom Brafman answer these questions and more, revealing the dynamic forces that derail our logical thinking and sabotage our decision-making. A fascinating journey into the hidden psychological forces that cause us to act irrationally in our personal and professional lives, Sway not only challenges our views of the world but also changes the way we think.

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The Moral Warrior - Martin L. Cook
Call Number: 172.420973 C7711 & ONLINE
ISBN: 0791462420
Publication Date: 2004-06-01
For the first time in history, the capabilities of the US military far outstrip those of any potential rival, either singly or collectively, and this reality raises fundamental questions about its role, nature and conduct. The Moral Warrior explores a wide range of ethical issues regarding the nature and purpose of voluntary military service, the moral meaning of the unique military power of the United States in the contemporary world and the moral challenges posed by the war on terrorism.

Cover Art
Lincoln and His Generals - T. Harry Williams
Call Number: 973.741 W727
ISBN: 9780307741967
Publication Date: 2011-01-11
Since its original publication, Lincoln and His Generals has remained one of the definitive accounts of Lincoln's wartime leadership. In it T. Harry Williams dramatizes Lincoln's long and frustrating search for an effective leader of the Union Army and charts his transformation from a politician with little military knowledge into a master strategist of the Civil War. Explored in depth are Lincoln's often fraught relationships with generals such as McClellan, Pope, Burnside, Hooker, Fremont and of course Ulysses S. Grant. In this superbly written narrative, Williams demonstrates how Lincoln's persistent "meddling" into military affairs was crucial to the Northern war effort and utterly transformed the president's role as commander-in-chief.


Print/Audio Books: Supplementary Resources on the US Constitution

Cover Art
The United States Constitution: Full Text with Supplmentary Materials - Bob Blaisdell (Editor)
Call Number: 342.73023 Blaisdell 2009
ISBN: 9780486471662
Publication Date: 2009-11-28
The basis of our nation's law and government, the Constitution is Ameria's most important political and social document. This convenient and inexpensive reference contains not only the Constitution's main text and amendments, but also a wealth of background information.

Cover Art
The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates - Ralph Ketcham (Introduction by)
Call Number: 342.029 .A629
ISBN: 9780451528841
Publication Date: 2003-05-06
The Federalist Papers defended the Constitution and its strong central government. The Anti-Federalist Papers represented the dissenting opinions of such statesmen as Patrick Henry and Melancton Smith, who saw threats in the Constitution to the rights and liberties so recently won from England. Although the Anti-Federalists lost, they came close to winning and their opinions represent an important contribution to the American Political tradition.

Cover Art
American Insurgents, American Patriots - T. H. Breen; John Pruden (Narrated by)
Call Number: AUDIO CD 973.3 Breen
ISBN: 1400147700
Publication Date: 2010-05-31
Before there could be a revolution, there was a rebellion; before patriots, there were insurgents. Challenging and displacing decades of received wisdom, T. H. Breen's strikingly original book explains how ordinary Americans were drawn into a successful insurgency against imperial authority.

Cover Art
The Debate on the Constitution - Bernard Bailyn (Editor)
Call Number: 342.029 D33
ISBN: 0940450429
Publication Date: 1993-06-01
The Debate on the Constitution charts the course of the bloodless revolution that created the government of the United states and the world's oldest working political charter. Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Washington, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, along with scores of less famous citizens, clearly and passionately debate public order and personal liberty.

Cover Art
The Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton; Michael Edwards (Read by)
Call Number: Audio CD 342.73 H2171
ISBN: 9781441741158
Publication Date: 2010-11-20

Cover Art
Constitutional Interpretation - Sotirios A. Barber; James E. Fleming
Call Number: 342.73 Bar
ISBN: 9780195328585
Publication Date: 2007-07-05

Cover Art
The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 - Gordon S. Wood; Institute of Early American History and Culture Staff
Call Number: 973.3 Wood
ISBN: 0807847232
Publication Date: 1969.
During the Revolutionary Era, American political theory underwent a fundamental transformation that carried the nation out of a basically classical world into a milieu that was modern.

Cover Art
Decision in Philadelphia - Christopher Collier; James Lincoln Collier
Call Number: AUDIO CD 342.73024 Collier 2012
ISBN: 9780345498403
Publication Date: 2007-06-26
Fifty-five men met in Philadelphia in 1787 to create the document that has since become the cornerstone of our society and democracy -- The Constitution. The very human qualities of the men who framed the document are brought into focus.

Cover Art
Defending Congress and the Constitution - Louis Fisher
Call Number: 342.7302 Fisher
ISBN: 9780700617999
Publication Date: 2011-09-07

Cover Art
The Founders' Key - Larry P. Arnn; Jeffrey Kafer (Narrated by)
Call Number: AUDIO CD 320.101 Arnn 2012
ISBN: 1452657742
Publication Date: 2012-05-28
Together, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution form the pillars upon which the liberties and rights of the American people stand. United, they have guided history's first self-governing nation, forming our government under certain universal and eternal principles.

Cover Art
The Great Rehearsal: The Story of the Making and Ratifying the Constitution of the United States - Carl Van Doren
Call Number: 342.73029 V246
ISBN: 0313234922
Publication Date: 1982-09-13
Here is the story of the men, the ideas and the arguments that shaped thirteen competing sovereign states into one nation.

Cover Art
History and the Constitution: Collected Essays - G. Edward White
Call Number: 342.73029 Whi
ISBN: 1594602816
Publication Date: 2006-12-01

Cover Art
The Liberty Amendments - Mark R. Levin
Call Number: 342.7308 Lev 2013
ISBN: 9781451606270
Publication Date: 2013-08-13
"Levin argues that if we cherish our American heritage, it is time to embrace a constitutional revival."

Cover Art
Original Meanings - Jack N. Rakove
Call Number: 342.73029 Rakove 1996
ISBN: 9780679781219
Publication Date: 1997-05-27
What did the US Constitution originally mean and how can we recover the intentions of the framers? These questions, which resound throughout today's most heated legal and political controversies, lie at the heart of Jack N. Rakove's splendidly readable work of historical analysis.

Cover Art
Plain, Honest Men - Richard Beeman; Paul Boehmer (Narrated by); Michael Prichard (Narrated by)
Call Number: AUDIO CD 342.73029 Beeman
ISBN: 1400159857
Publication Date: 2009-05-21
From distinguished historian Richard Beeman comes a dramatic and engrossing account of the men who met in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787 to design a radically new form of government.

Cover Art
Ratification - Pauline Maier; Johnny Heller (Narrated by)
Call Number: Audio CD 342.73029 Maier 2010
ISBN: 1400169658
Publication Date: 2010-11-02
From Pauline Maier, the distinguished historian of Revolutionary-era America and author of the acclaimed American Scripture, comes this fresh and surprising account of a pivotal moment in American history---the ratification of the Constitution.

Cover Art
Rights at Risk - David K. Shipler
Call Number: 342.7308 Shi 2012
ISBN: 0307594866
Publication Date: 2012-03-06
A Pulitzer Prize winner delivers an enlightening, intensely researched examination of violations of the constitutional principles that preserve individual rights and civil liberties from courtrooms to classrooms.

Cover Art
The Signers of the Constitution - Robert G. Ferris; James H. Charleton; Warren E. Burger (Foreword by)
Call Number: 973.30922 Q5 S5 1987
ISBN: 0936478101
Publication Date: 1986-07-01

Cover Art
The Summer Of 1787: The Men who Invented the Constitution. - David O. Stewart
Call Number: 342.029 Stewart 2008
ISBN: 9780743286930
Publication Date: 2008-05-20
The successful creation of the Constitution is a suspense story. The Summer of 1787 takes us into the sweltering room in which delegates struggled for four months to produce the flawed but enduring document that would define a nation.

Cover Art
The Unfinished Nation - Alan Brinkley
Call Number: 973 B858
ISBN: 0679425489
Publication Date: 1993-05-25
Ch. 6: The Constitution and the New Republic.

1787: The Grand Convention. The Year that made a Nation. - Clinton Rossiter
Call Number: 342.73 R835
Publication Date: 1966

A Machine That Would Go of Itself - Michael G. Kammen
Call Number: 342.73029 K15
ISBN: 0394529057
Publication Date: 1986-09-12
Pulitizer prize winning historian Michael Kammen examines the cultural impact on the United States Constitution.

The Constitution: A Documentary and Narrative History - Page Smith
Call Number: 342.73 S656
ISBN: 0688083498
Publication Date: 1980-03-01
Eminent historian Page Smith begins this history of hte Constitution with the struggle of the English nobility in the days of the Magna Carta. From this background emerged, in 1787, the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the true beginning of the United States of America.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution - Leonard W. Levy (Editor); Kenneth L. Karst (Editor)
Call Number: REF 342.73023 E56
ISBN: 002918620x
Publication Date: 1986-09-01

The Genius of the People - Charles L. Mee
Call Number: 342.73029 M494
ISBN: 006015702x
Publication Date: 1987-03-01
Mee sets the events and issues of the convention against the background of a small but diverse society that had just won its independence and was already wracked with dissension and fractionalism.

Guide to the U. S. Constitution - Ralph Mitchell; Congressional Quarterly, Inc. Staff
Call Number: 342.73023 M682
ISBN: 0871873923
Publication Date: 1986-04-01
CQ's Guide to the US Constitution is designed to help readers better understand the nation's basic law and to find specific provisions of interests in the document. The first half of the book is a brief history of the writing of the Constitution and an index to the provisions of the document, using common terms that most readers may use. At the of the book is a glossary to help readers understand the terminology used in the Constitution.

Soldier-Statesmen of the Constitution - Robert K. Wright; Morris J. MacGregor
Call Number: 973.3092 W952
ISBN: 0160359597
Publication Date: 1992-08-01


Recommended Texts for Staff Ride

Cover Art
The Cowpens - John Moncure; Jerry D. Morelock; Combat Studies Institute Press
Call Number: 973.337 M739
ISBN: 1782664459
Publication Date: 2013-08-01
To place the campaign in the Carolinas in context, chapter one addresses the Revolutionary War in its strategic context -- how military planners determined to prosecute the war to achieve its political goals -- and relates the principal events of the war. To provide the environment for the Battle of the Cowpens, chapter two discusses operational issues and narrates the campaign. The third chapter focuses on the tactical aspects of the battle on that cold morning in January 1781. The fourth chapter I have included as a guide for the staff ride. The leader of the staff ride could use it in conjunction with the narrative chapters and appendix or let it stand alone as a guide to a study of the campaign and battle.

Cover Art
A Devil of a Whipping: the Battle of Cowpens - Lawrence E. Babits
Call Number: 973.337 B114
ISBN: 0807824348
Publication Date: 1998-11-16
The battle of Cowpens was a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary War in the South and stands as perhaps the finest American tactical demonstration of the entire war. On 17 January 1781, Daniel Morgan's force of Continental troops and militia routed British regulars and Loyalists under the command of Banastre Tarleton. The victory at Cowpens helped put the British army on the road to the Yorktown surrender and, ultimately, cleared the way for American independence.

Cover Art
The Road to Guilford Courthouse - John Buchanan
Call Number: 973.393 B918
ISBN: 0471327166
Publication Date: 1999-07-01
The story of the British attempt to recapture the Carolinas, from the Battle for Sullivan's Island with "William Moultrie and his raw South Carolinians" to "the campaign's riveting climax at Guilford Courthouse."--Jacket. Includes such figures as Lord Cornwallis, Sir Henry Clinton, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, Brigadier General Thomas Sumter, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, James Collins, David Henry, Thomas young, and Major General Nathanael Greene


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