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Battles of Fallujah, Iraq War, 2004.   Tags: iraq, operation phantom fury; battles for fallujah  

This guide directs patrons to online and print resources on the First and Second Battles of Fallujah.
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Selected Resources, Battles of Fallujah

This Bibliography provides a list of online and print resources about the battles of Fallujah.

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    Cover Art
    The Battle for Fallujah: occupation, resistance and stalemate in the war in Iraq - Vincent L. Foulk
    Call Number: 956.7044 F767
    ISBN: 9780786426775
    Publication Date: 2006-12-15
    As months passed, military clashes escalated. The streets of Fallujah began to fill with insurgents. This book chronicles the struggle for Fallujah. It details the movements, counter-movements and misunderstandings that led up to the eventual standoff and looks at power struggles.

    Cover Art
    Battles That Changed American History - Spencer C. Tucker
    Call Number: ONLINE EBRARY SSI Collection
    ISBN: 144082861X
    Publication Date: Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, 2014
    Spanning more than 500 years of military events, the book begins its coverage with the Battle of Mabila in 1540 during the Age of Discovery and ends with the Second Battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War/Insurgency in 2004. Expertly written, informative, and thoughtful, this analysis will be insightful.

    Cover Art
    Blackwater: the Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army - Jeremy Scahill; Tom Weiner (Read by)
    Call Number: Audio CD 355.3 S278
    ISBN: 1433211874
    Publication Date: 2007-10-01
    Explores private security company Blackwater USA, including the background of its founder; its relationship with the United States government; and its role in the Iraw War, the cleanup of Blackwaer USA; and the War on Terror.

    Cover Art
    Breaking the Mold: Tanks in the Cities - Kendall D. Gott
    Call Number: 355.426 G685 & Online, DTIC
    ISBN: 0160762235
    Publication Date: 2006-07-12
    Ch. 5. Into the Maelstrom: Fallujah, November 2004 -Coalition Forces -- The Plan of Attack -- The Assault -- The Dust Settles -- In Retrospect.

    Cover Art
    Eyewitness to War: The US Army in Operation Al Fajr: An oral history - Kendall D. Gott; John McCool; U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Combat Studies Institute Staff (Contribution by); Matt M. Matthews (Editor)
    Call Number: 956.7044 E975 vol 1 and 2
    ISBN: 0160773121
    Publication Date: 2006-11-30
    The publication uses oral history to describe the second Battle of Fallujah, November 2004. 37 participants were interviewed, from commanders to non-commissioned officers, providing first-hand accounts of combat and combat service support personnel. The work is primarily an oral history of the Army, one one Marine Regimental commanders provided a story.

    Cover Art
    Fallujah, with Honor - Gary Livingston
    Call Number: 956.70443 L786
    ISBN: 192872406X
    Publication Date: 2006-01-01
    The story of the First Battalion, Eighth Marine's attack into Fallujah as part of Operation Phantom Furty. Lieutenant Colonel Gary Brandl's marines attacked up the "belly of the beast" as part of the six battalion attack on the insurgency in Fallujah in November 2004.

    For twenty months after Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallujah festered with rebellion against American interests as well as the Iraqi Interim Government. Fallujah became a magnet for foreign fighters and a base of operation for the terrorists in Iraq. The rouge city was completely out of control and American forces would have to fight in an urban environment to regain control.

    Cover Art
    Fallujah Redux: the Anbar Awakening and the struggle with al-Qaeda - Daniel R. Green; William F. Mullen
    Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
    ISBN: 9781612511429
    Publication Date: 2014-09-15
    The city of Fallujah, Iraq will long be associated with some of the worst violence and brutality of the Iraq war. The battles to retake the city from insurgent fighters in 2004 have already indelibly carved its name into the historic annals of the U.S. military and occupy a revered place in the storied history of the United States Marine Corps. Initially occupied by U.S. forces in 2003, it eventually served as the headquarters for numerous insurgent groups operating west of Baghdad, including al-Qaeda in Iraq and its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, until forcibly retaken at the end of 2004.

    Cover Art
    Fighting for Fallujah: a New Dawn for Iraq - John R. Ballard
    Call Number: 956.70443 B189 AND ONLINE EBSCOhost
    ISBN: 0275990559
    Publication Date: 2006-04-01
    Detailing the combat actions and innovative techniques of the vicious fight for the Iraqi city of Fallujah, this book explains the planning and execution of the successful bid to retake and reconstruct the city.

    Cover Art
    From Kabul to Baghdad and Back: The U.S. At War in Afghanistan and Iraq - John R. Ballard; David W. Lamm; John K. Wood
    Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
    ISBN: 9781612510224
    Publication Date: 2012-10-15
    From Kabul to Baghdad and Back provides insight into the key strategic decisions of the Afghan and Iraq campaigns as the United States attempted to wage both simultaneously against al-Qaeda and its supporting affiliates. It also evaluates the strategic execution of those military campaigns to identify how well the two operations were conducted in light of their political objectives. The book identifies the elements that made the 2001 military operation to oust the Taliban successful, then with combat operations in Iraq as a standard of comparison, the authors analyze the remainder of the Afghan campaign and the essential problems that plagued that effort, from the decision to go to war with Iraq in 2002, through the ill-fated transition to NATO lead in Afghanistan in 2006, the dismissal of Generals McKiernan and McChrystal, the eventual decision by President Obama to make the Afghan campaign the main effort in the war on extremism, and the final development of drawdown plans following the end of the war in Iraq.

    Cover Art
    Heroes among Us - Chuck Larson (Editor, Introduction by); Tommy Franks (Foreword by); John McCain (Afterword by); Larson (Foreword by)
    Call Number: 956.7044 F575 2009
    ISBN: 9780451225849
    Publication Date: 2009-01-06
    More than one million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but fewer than 500 from this group have earned a Silver Star, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, or the Medal of Honor. These Americans have demonstrated extraordinary courage under fire-in the worst of circumstances. They come from all branches of the military.

    Cover Art
    The Hidden History of America at War: untold tales from Yorktown to Fallujah - Kenneth C. Davis
    Call Number: 355.020973 Davis 2015
    ISBN: 140132410X
    Publication Date: 2015-05-05
    Combat tales have come to form an essential piece of our identity as Americans. But as some war stories have been repackaged and embellished, the truth behind the conflicts--the lives of the average soldiers and civilians involved and the lasting significance of the battles on American history--often lies buried. Kenneth C. Davis aims to change that. Here, he takes readers inside six landmark battles that offer crucial insights. From the Battle of Yorktown (1781), where a fledgling America learned hard lessons about what kind of military it would need to survive; to 1945 Berlin, when the downfall of the Third Reich set the stage for decades of Cold War tension; to Fallujah (2004), which epitomized the dawn of privatized war, Davis explores the key battlefield characters and events, shattering myths and misconceptions.

    Cover Art
    House to House: an epic memoir of war - David Bellavia; Ray Porter (Read by); John Bruning (As told to)
    Call Number: AUDIO CD 956.7044 B437
    ISBN: 1433204738
    Publication Date: 2007-09-01

    Cover Art
    Inside Fallujah - Ahmed Mansour
    Call Number: 956.7044 M289
    ISBN: 9781566567787
    Publication Date: 2009-07-01
    In 2004 the United States waged one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War in the city of Fallujah, west of Bagdad. al_Jazeera stayed in Fallujah to report on the battle and the horrifying and heartbreaking images seen worldwide came from its reporter Ahmed Mansour and cameraman Layth Mushtaq.

    Cover Art
    My Men Are My Heroes: the Brad Kasal Story - Nathaniel R. Helms
    Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
    ISBN: 9781612511368
    Publication Date: 2012-11-15
    My Men Are My Heroes introduces its readers to a living standard of Marine Corps esprit de corps and military decorum. Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal, the pride of Iowa, is a small town boy who wanted to be a United States Marine even before a poster perfect Marine recruiter marched into his high school gym and offered him a challenge Kasal couldn't resist. Two decades later Kasal stood stiffly at attention, one leg literally shot in half, while the Navy Cross was pinned to his chest. Kasal is currently the Sergeant Major of the Infantry School at Camp Pendleton, CA until he retires.

    Cover Art
    New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah - Richard Lowry
    Call Number: 956.7044 L9213
    ISBN: 9781932714777
    Publication Date: 2010-01-01
    New Dawn is based on the personal recollections of nearly 200 Soldiers, sailors and airmen and Marines who participated in the battles of Fallujah, from the commanding generals who planned the operations to the privates who kicked in the doors.

    Cover Art
    No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle of Fallujah. - Bing West
    Call Number: 956.704432 W5165
    ISBN: 0553383191
    Publication Date: 2006-09-26
    Fallujah: Iraq’s most dangerous city unexpectedly emerged as the major battleground of the Iraqi insurgency. For twenty months, one American battalion after another tried to quell the violence, culminating in a bloody, full-scale assault. Victory came at a terrible price: 151 Americans and thousands of Iraqis were left dead.
    The epic battle for Fallujah revealed the startling connections between policy and combat that are a part of the new reality of war.

    Cover Art
    Operation Al Fajr: a study in Army and Marine Corps joint operations - Matt M. Matthews
    Call Number: 956.7044342 M441
    ISBN: 0160768772
    Publication Date: 2006-10-13
    Interservice rivalries, Operation VALIANT RESOLVE and the road to joint assault on Fallujah -- Planning and integration for Operation Phantom Fury -- The joint assault on Fallujah.

    Cover Art
    Operation Phantom Fury: The Assault and Capture of Fallujah, Iraq. - Dick Camp
    Call Number: 956.7044 C1861
    ISBN: 0760336989
    Publication Date: 2009-12-04
    The Second Battle for Fallujah, dubbed Operation Phantom Fury, took place over an almost two-month period, from November 7 to December 23, 2004. The Marine Corps’ biggest battle in Iraq to date, it was so prolonged and fierce that it has entered the pantheon of USMC battles alongside Iwo Jima, Inchon, and Hue City. This book offers an in-depth, intimate look into Operation Phantom Fury, the single most significant battle undertaken during the occupation of Iraq. The author, a retired Marine Corps colonel with combat service in Vietnam, conducted personal interviews with combatants, from the division commander in charge of the operation down to Marine infantrymen who did the fighting. The result--illustrated with a hundred action photographs--is a rare firsthand account of the brutal reality of the war in Iraq, how this battle for a key city was fought, and how such a crucial battle looks from positions of command and from the thick of the fight.

    Cover Art
    The Tip of the Spear - Jon T. Hoffman (Editor); Center of Military History (U.S. Army) Staff (Compiled by)
    Call Number: 956.7044342 U6 T56 & ONLINE, Center for Military History
    ISBN: 0160817366
    Publication Date: 2009-10-16

    Cover Art
    Why We Lost: a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars - Daniel P. Bolger
    Call Number: 956.70443 Bolger 2014 and ONLINE Ebrary SSI Collection
    ISBN: 0544370481
    Publication Date: 2014-11-11
    see chapter: What happened in Fallujah


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