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Battle of Arnhem, Operation Market Garden, September 1944   Tags: operation market garden. battle of arnhem. general urquhart.  

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Professional Papers and Journal Articles

  • Intelligence Planning for Airborne Operations: A Perspective from Operation Market-Garden,
    This monograph discusses the complex relationship between intelligence and operational planning from the perspective of a World War II combined and joint operation, Operation Market-Garden. The operational setting in which Market-Garden was executed is also discussed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the causes and effects behind the failure of this operation
  • Lessons Learned from Operation Market Garden
    Operation Market Garden was the largest paratroop drop of the Second World War; It was also one of the worst operational failures.
  • Market Garden: Was Intelligence Responsible for the Failure?
    Strategic and operational planners were also at fault for pressing forward with the operation, in spite of known risks, in order to test airborne operations before the war ended. Furthermore, Field Marshal Montgomery, the operational commander, must take responsibility for dismissing intelligence reports that contradicted his situation assessment and challenged the wisdom of his decision to execute Operation MARKET GARDEN as planned.
  • Operation MARKET-GARDEN
    This paper discusses how the principles of war by itself may not be the reason for a failure or loss; however, when one combatant disregards more principles than the other combatant, he is likely to be defeated. The author provides several discussion questions which may be used for a seminar discussion period.
  • Operation Market Garden, the Battle for Arnhem
    This article published in April-June 2008 of Engineer provides a battle analysis of the Battle of Arnhem, including discussing command and control issues.
  • Operation Market Garden: Case Study for Analyzing Senior Leader Responsibilities
    senior Allied leaders do enough to resolve issues raised before the operation began? Should it even have been conducted at all? This paper uses primary sources, including diaries, memoirs, and autobiographies, and unit reports, to examine what role senior leaders played in the failure of the operation.
  • Operation Market Garden: Ultra Intelligence Ignored.
    Executed on 17 September 1944, this operation became one of the greatest defeats suffered by the Allies during the Second World War. While intelligence was not perfect in supporting this operation, it is not justifiable to say that Operation Market-Garden failed due to the intelligence systems failure to warn commanders of the threat to the operation.
  • Report on Operation "Market"
    JFSC - WW II Declassified Records. Great Britain, Army First Airborne Division. 17 - 26 Sep 1944. 247 points, including the outline of operation, signed by R.E. Urquhart, Major General, Commander, 1 Airborne Division.
  • Tactical Victory Leading to Strategic Defeat: Historical Examples of Hidden Failures in Operational Art
    The dangers of tactical victories are discussed with reference to their possible affect on the psychology of troops, the commander, and national leaders. The military commander, thoroughly schooled in the principles of operational art, must provide the critical link in the rational evaluation of the ultimate effectiveness of a victory.
  • Understanding Groupthink: the Case of Operation Market-Garden
    By David Patrick Houghton. Abstract: "This article applies the groupthink model of decision-making to the planning for Operation Market Garden in late 1944."

Books -- Print, Ebooks and Audiobooks

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Cover Art
Arnhem 1944 - Stephen Badsey
Call Number: 940.5421 B138
ISBN: 1855323028
Publication Date: 1993-05-27
'Market Garden' was one of the most audacious, and ultimately controversial, operations of the Second World War.

Cover Art
Arnhem 1944 - Martin Middlebrook
Call Number: 940.5421 M627
ISBN: 9780811708265
Publication Date: 2011-04-05
Martin Middlebrook describes the Battle of Arnhem from start to finish, from one end of that complicated battlefield to the other.

Cover Art
Arnhem 1944 - Battle Story - Chris Brown
Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
ISBN: 9780752463117
Publication Date: 2012-04-30
When we think of Arnhem we think of A Bridge Too Far and a sky full of parachutes dropping the Allies into the Netherlands. Beyond these images, this was one fo the most complex and strategically important operations of the war. Operation Market Garden was devised to give the Allies the opportunity to bypass the German Siegfried Line and attack the Ruhr. Paratroopers were dropped into the Netherlands to secure all the bridgeheads and major routes along the proposed Allied axis advance. Simultaneously the 1st Airborne Division, supported by the Glider Pilot Regiment and Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, landed at Arnhem. The British expected to sweep through and connect with the Arnhem force within a matter of days. However, things on the ground proved very different. The troops met resistance from pockets of SS soliders and soon were overwhelmed. The Arnhem contingent was cut-off from reinforcement and eventually forced to withdraw. The 1st Airborne Division lost three-quarters of its strength in the operation and did not see battle again. Through quotes and maps the text explores the unfolding action of the battle and puts the reader on the frontline. if you truly want to understand what happened and why - read Battle Story.

Cover Art
Bridge Too Far - Cornelius Ryan
Call Number: 940.5421 R988br
ISBN: 0684803305
Publication Date: 1995-05-01
A Bridge Too Far is Cornelius Ryan's masterly chronicle of the Battle of Arnhem, which marshalled the greatest armada of troop-carrying aircraft ever assembled and cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day.

Cover Art
The Devil's Birthday: The Bridges to Arnhem 1944 - Geoffrey Powell
Call Number: 940.5421 P883
ISBN: 9780850523522
Publication Date: 2001-08-01
Describes "Operation Market Garden" at Eindhoven, Nijmegen, and Arnhem on September 7, 1944. British and American parachutists and glider-borne troops land in German-occupied Holland.

Cover Art
Eclipse - Moorehead, Alan,
Call Number: 940.542 Moo
Publication Date: New York, Harper & Row [1968]
The first quarter: Collapse in the south: Italy -- Taormina -- Salerno -- The follow-through -- Naples to Rome -- the second quarter: Collapse in the north: France -- England -- The landing -- The French -- The Caen-Cherbourg battles -- The break-out -- Paris -- The four years in Paris -- Brussels -- Arnhem -- The third quarter: Collapse in the west: the Rhine -- The battle of the Ardennes -- The run up to the Rhine -- The crossing of the Rhine -- The Germans -- Total eclipse: Collapse in the centre: Germany -- The surrender -- The last liberation -- The day after -- Maps

Cover Art
The Evaders - Leo Heaps
Call Number: 940.54 H434
ISBN: 0688030335
Publication Date: 1976-01-01
This World War II adventure story offers a thrilling first-person account of the escape of Allied soldiers from behind enemy lines following the disastrous Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

Cover Art
The Guns at Last Light: the war in Western Europe, 1944-1945 - Rick Atkinson
Call Number: 940.5423 A78 2014 and Audio CD 940.5423 A78 2013
ISBN: 1250037816
Publication Date: 2014-05-13
This book is the magnificent conclusion to Rick Atkinson's acclaimed Liberation Trilogy about the Allied triumph in Europe during World War II. It is the twentieth century's unrivaled epic: at a staggering price, the United States and its allies liberated Europe and vanquished Hitler. In the first two volumes of his bestselling Liberation Trilogy, Rick Atkinson recounted how the American-led coalition fought through North Africa and Italy to the threshold of victory. Now he tells the most dramatic story of all -- the titanic battle for Western Europe. D-Day marked the commencement of the final campaign of the European war, and Atkinson's riveting account of that bold gamble sets the pace for the masterly narrative that follows. The brutal fight in Normandy, the liberation of Paris, the disaster that was Operation Market Garden, the horrific Battle of the Bulge, and finally the thrust to the heart of the Third Reich -- all these historic events and more come alive with a wealth of new material and a mesmerizing cast of characters.

Cover Art
Operation Market-Garden 1944 (1): the American airborne missions - Steven J. Zaloga; Steve Noon (Illustrator)
Call Number: 940.5421 Zaloga 2014
ISBN: 1782008160
Publication Date: 2014-08-19
In the summer of 1944, plans began for a complex operation to seize a Rhine river bridge at Arnhem in the Netherlands. The American portion of the airborne mission was to employ two divisions of the US XVIII Airborne Corps to seize key terrain features that otherwise might delay the advance of British tanks towards the bridge. The 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions succeeded in their tasks of capturing the vital bridges at Eindhoven at Nijmegen in the face of fierce German resistance. However, events elsewhere lead to one of the Western Allies' most costly defeats of World War II. Contemporary photographs, maps and detailed color artwork complement extensive archival research that reveals the successes of those American airborne missions, laregly overshadowed by the failure of the operation as a whole.

Cover Art
The Oxford Companion to World War II - I. C. Dear (Editor); M. R. Foot (Editor)
Call Number: 940.53 O98
ISBN: 0198662254
Publication Date: 1995-05-11
Market-Garden: pp. 718-720

Cover Art
A Street in Arnhem - Robert Kershaw
Call Number: 949.2 Kershaw 2014
ISBN: 9781612002644
Publication Date: 2014-09-19
Dramatic and heart-rending, this is the story of ordinary people struggling to cope as their street in Arnhem is overwhelmed in a savage and bloody conflict in September 1944.

Cover Art
World War II in Europe - David T. Zabecki (Editor)
Call Number: 940.53 W927
ISBN: 0824070291
Publication Date: 1998-12-01
see vol. 1: Urquhart, Robert Elliot (1901-1988).
see vol. 2: Arnhem (17-26 September 1944), and map p. 1313.


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