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Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm  

Provides a list of general histories and other resources recommended for the Persian Gulf War battle analysis.
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Oral Histories

Frontline Oral Histories -- General Oral Histories.


    Doctrine & Lessons Learned

    American Army Doctrine for the Post-Cold War, by John L. Romjue, TRADOC Military History Office.:

    Army Lessons Learned -- United States Army Combined Arms Center:

    DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center):

    Finance Deployment Handbook: lessons learned and after action reviews from recent finance deployments. Fort Jackson, SC: U.S. Army Finance School, 1995.  SSI Library Special Collections. 355.7 F4914 / Finance Museum Collection. 

    Finance Support During Operation Desert Shield:  An individual study project. Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. US Army Finance School, 1991. SSI Library Special Collections. 336.182 Fields






      General Histories

      Selected general histories on the Persian Gulf War.

      Online texts are available from CARL, Center for Military History and DTIC.

      Cover Art
      After the Storm: Lessons from the Gulf War - Joseph S. Nye (Editor); Roger K. Smith (Editor)
      Call Number: 956.70442 A258
      ISBN: 0819185299
      Publication Date: 1992-06-23
      The Gulf War taught us again that our nation can come together for a common cause. Yet the United States has changed as a result of that "defining moment" in the Persian Gulf and the new world order. What does the future hold for U.S. policy in the Gulf? How was the United States politically, militarily, and economically affected by this first "post-modern" conflict? Distinguished experts, among them Lt. Gen. Bernard E. Trainor, William J. Perry, David Gergen, and Lawrence Korb, address these questions offer policy recommendations, and discuss the Gulf War from a broad perspective in terms of the diplomatic arena, the regional issues, and the economic, political, and strategic lessons that were learned or should have been learned from this conflict.

      Cover Art
      America's Economic Way of War - Hugh Rockoff
      Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
      ISBN: 9780521859400
      Publication Date: 2012-03-29
      see Chapter 10: Persian Gulf War

      Cover Art
      Certain Victory: The U.S. Army in the Gulf War - Robert H. Scales
      Call Number: 956.7044 S281
      ISBN: 1574881361
      Publication Date: 1998-02-01
      Available online: DTIC.

      The official U.S. Army account of Army performance in the Gulf War, Certain Victory was originally published by the Office of the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, in 1993. Brig. Gen. Scales, who headed the Army's Desert Storm Study Project, offers a highly readable and abundantly illustrated chronicle.

      Cover Art
      The Commanders - Bob Woodward
      Call Number: 973.928 W899
      ISBN: 0671413678
      Publication Date: 1991-05-15

      Cover Art
      Crusade: the untold story of the Persian Gulf War - Rick Atkinson
      Call Number: 956.7044 Atkinson 1993 and Audio CD 956.7044 Atkinson 1993
      ISBN: 0395602904
      Publication Date: 1993-11-18
      This definitive account of the Gulf War relates the previously untold story of the U.S. war with Iraq in the early 1990s. The author follows the 42-day war from the first night to the final day, providing vivid accounts of bombing runs, White House strategy sessions, firefights, and bitter internal conflicts.

      Cover Art
      Decisive force : strategic bombing in the Gulf War - Richard G. Davis
      Call Number: 956.704 D2637
      Publication Date: Air Force History and Museums Program ; [Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., distributor], 1996.
      Available online: DTIC

      In the Persian Gulf War, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) demonstrated that a new era in strategic bombing had begun. Air power could now destroy key portions of a country's military and economic infrastructure without resort to nuclear weapons and heavy bombers and with low losses to both the attacker and enemy civilians. This achievement rested on technology that both increased bombing accuracy and decreased the effectiveness of enemy defenses, and the reexamination and reapplication of traditional strategic bombing theory by USAF planning officers.

      Cover Art
      Desert Mirage: The True Story of the Gulf War - Martin D. Yant
      Call Number: 956.704 Y24
      ISBN: 0879756780
      Publication Date: 1991-09-01
      When the Persian Gulf War ended the following February in the U.S. led coalition's rout of the Iraqi army, Yant set out to write Desert Mirage to show how the Bush administration had deliberately deceived Americans into supporting the pursuit of power disguised as the pursuit of principle -- at a cost of estimated 375,000 lives.

      Cover Art
      Desert Shield to Desert Storm: the second Gulf war - Dilip Hiro
      Call Number: 956.70442 Hiro 1992
      ISBN: 0415906571
      Publication Date: 1992-07-10
      Iraq and Kuwait: Neighbours or One Family -- Prelude to the Crisis -- Saddam's Blitzkrieg, Bush's Line in the Sand -- Diplomacy, Hostages and military build-ups -- Bush and the domestic front -- Blood on the mount -- Desert Shield into Desert Sword -- The Countdown -- Desert Storm: the Air Campaign -- Desert Sabre: The Ground War -- The Aftermath

      Cover Art
      Desert Victory: the war for Kuwait - Norman Friedman
      Call Number: 956.7043 F911
      ISBN: 1557502552
      Publication Date: 1992-01-01
      "With this carefully thought-out analysis of the war in the Persian Gulf, a respected civilian defense analyst offers a book that is urgently needed to help us understand exactly what happened, why it happened, and what it all means for the future."

      Cover Art
      The General's War: the inside story of the conflict in the Gulf - Michael R. Gordon; Bernard E. Trainor
      Call Number: 956.7044 G6621
      ISBN: 0316321729
      Publication Date: 1995-01-01

      Cover Art
      The Gulf Conflict, 1990-1991: diplomacy and war in the new world order - Lawrence Freedman; Efraim Karsh
      Call Number: 956.907442 Freedman 1993
      ISBN: 0691086273
      Publication Date: 1993-01-03
      The Gulf Conflict provides the most authoritative and comprehensive account to date of Iraq's occupation of Kuwait, its expulsion by a coalition of Western and Arab forces seven months later, and the aftermath of the war. Blending compelling narrative history with objective analysis, Lawrence Freedman and Efraim Karsh inquire into the fundamental issues underlying the dispute and probe the strategic calculations of all the participants.

      Cover Art
      Gulf War: the complete history - Thomas Houlahan
      Call Number: 956.704 Houlahan 1999
      ISBN: 0966845609
      Publication Date: 1999-04-01
      Part I. Saddam's Big Gamble - Kuwait has ceased to exist - Bush responds -- Part II. Aerial Avalanche - Air War - Air Interdiction -- Part III. Countdown - Inside the Iraqi Army - Battle for Khafji - Gathering Storm -- Part IV. How to inflict disaster - Plans - Armor - Better people, better results -- Part V. Tell it to the Marines - Trampled under foot: the 1st Marine Division - Slamming the door: the 2nd Marine Division -- Part VI. The Arab Solution - Coalition Arab Forces -- Part VII. Left Hook. The XVIII Airborne Corps - Pardon my French: the Daguet Division - Screaming Eagles, the 101st - The Big Sweep: The 24th Infantry Division and 34d ACR -- Part VII: VII Corps. Heavy Metal - Breach: The 1st Infantry Division Buries the Iraqis - British are coming - Battle of 73 Easting - Battle of Norfolk - Take a little off the Top: 1st Armored Division hits the Tawakalna Line - Three baseball bats and a whip: the 3rd Armored Division - Battle of Medina Ridge - Final Blows -- Part IX. Closing Acts and Questions: End Game - Where were the terror weapons? - Our equipment worked: theirs blew up. Why were we surprised? - Friendly fire and Gulf War Syndrome.

      Cover Art
      Gulf War Air Power Survey Summary Report - Thomas A. Keaney and Eliot A. Cohen
      Call Number: 956.7044 G971
      Publication Date: 1993
      Available online: DTIC

      Cover Art
      It Doesn't Take a Hero: General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the autobiography - H. Norman Schwarzkopf; Peter Petre
      Call Number: 355.0092 S39 A3 1992
      ISBN: 0553089447
      Publication Date: 1992-09-01

      Cover Art
      In the Wake of the Storm: Gulf War commanders discuss Desert Storm - John F. Votaw (Editor); Steven Weingartner (Editor)
      Call Number: 956.70442 Weingartner 2000
      ISBN: 1890093106
      Publication Date: 2000-07-01
      Analyzing Desert Storm : observations and criticisms / Bernard E. Trainor -- What we should have done differently / Walter E. Boomer [and others] -- Viewpoint : who really won? / Peter de la BilliƔere.

      Cover Art
      Lucky War: Third Army in Desert Storm - Richard M. Swain; Roger J. Spiller (Foreword by); Combat Studies Institute. U.S. Army
      Call Number: ONLINE CARL
      ISBN: 1780394659
      Publication Date: 2011-07-01
      Recommended documented survey of U.S. Army actions in the Persian Gulf War. Prologue to Operation Desert Shield - Executing a contingency - Planning a ground offensive - ARCENT Process - Build-up to Attack - Desert Storm: Air Power and final issues - Desert Storm: Battle - Battle's End - A Famous Victory?

      Cover Art
      Moving Mountains: lessons in leadership and logistics from the Gulf War - William G. Pagonis; Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
      Call Number: 956.7043 Pagonis
      ISBN: 0875843603
      Publication Date: 1992-08-01
      Come as you are -- Basic training -- Opportunities of a lifetime -- I get the call -- Desert Shield -- Desert Storm and desert farewell -- building blocks of leadership -- Lessons in leadership and logistics.

      Cover Art
      Whirlwind War: The United States Army in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm - Frank N. Schubert (Editor); Theresa L. Kraus (Editor)
      Call Number: 956.7044 W575
      ISBN: 0160429536
      Publication Date: 1995-10-17
      Available online: Center for Military History
      CMH pub ; 70-30-1.

      Provides an overview of the U.S. Army's role in the coalition force arrayed against Iraq during the Persian Gulf War in 1990-1991. The authors describe how the Vietnam-era Army transformed itself into a small, superbly equipped, highly skilled, well-trained, and extremely mobile force, composed of units from both the active and reserve components. In this major test the Army clearly demonstrated that it could project its power effectively and operate as part of a multinational force with great success. Although not definitive, this work records a pivotal chapter in the Army's history by describing the various strands that came together to produce the Army of the 1990s and by capturing how that Army in turn performed under fire and in the glare of world attention


      Media and the Military

      Cover Art
      The 1,000 Hour War: Communication in the Gulf - Thomas A. McCain (Editor); Leonard Shyles
      Call Number: 956.70443 O58
      ISBN: 0313287473
      Publication Date: 1993-10-30
      "The 1,000 Hour War" was marked by unprecedented speed and force. This book adopts the view that the telecommunications technologies responsible for guiding smart bombs and Patriot missiles to their targets were the same marvels responsible for transmitting to news agencies around the world information about the progress of the war. "The 1,000 Hour War "was a unique case of military action in that it owed both its prosecution and its coverage specifically to satellites, computers, cellular telephones, microwave relay stations, and a myriad of similar technologies.

      Cover Art
      The Media and the Gulf War - Hedrick Smith (Editor)
      Call Number: 070.449956 Smith
      ISBN: 0932020992
      Publication Date: 1992-03-01
      America's attention focused on the Gulf War as briefings and bombings filled the airwaves and pictures and stories filled the print media. But did the American people receive the information that a free press should guarantee?

      Cover Art
      The Media and the Persian Gulf War - Robert E. Denton (Editor)
      Call Number: 303.66 Denton
      ISBN: 0275942325
      Publication Date: 1993-04-30
      The rules of the game : the military and the press in the Persian Gulf War / Gary C. Woodward -- Television as an instrument of war / Robert E. Denton, Jr. -- The natural, and inevitable, phases of war reporting : historical shadows, new communication in the Persian Gulf / Donald L. Shaw, Shannon E. Martin -- Media perspectives on world opinion during the Kuwaiti crisis / Frank Louis Rusciano -- Vox populi : talk radio and TV cover the Gulf War / Dan Nimmo, Mark Hovind -- Constructing news narratives : ABC and CNN cover the Gulf War / Bethami A. Dobkin -- C-SPAN's coverage of the Gulf War : television as town square / Janette Kenner Muir -- News viewing, authoritarianism, and attitudes toward the Gulf War / Mary Beth Oliver, Marie-Louise Mares, Joanne Cantor -- War in the global village : a seven-country comparison of television news coverage of the beginning of the Gulf War / David L. Swanson, Larry David Smith -- Media coverage of women in the Gulf War / Anne Johnston -- "What did you advertise with the war, Daddy?' : using the Persian Gulf War as a referent system in advertising / Matthew P. McAllister -- Celluloid heroes and smart bombs : Hollywood at war in the Middle East / Spephen Prince -- From the great war to the Gulf War : popular entertainment and the legitimation of warfare / James Combs.

      Cover Art
      The Persian Gulf TV War - Douglas M. Kellner
      Call Number: 070.195 Kellner 1992
      ISBN: 9780813316147
      Publication Date: 1992-08-01
      Douglas Kellner's Persian Gulf TV War attacks the myths, disinformation, and propaganda disseminated during the Gulf War. At once a work of social theory, media criticism, and political history, this book demonstrates how television served as a conduit for George Bush's war policies while silencing antiwar voices and foregoing spirited discussion of the complex issues involved. In so doing, the medium failed to assume its democratic responsibilities of adequately informing the American public and debating issues of common concern.

      Cover Art
      Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War - John R. MacArthur
      Call Number: 956.7043 MAC
      ISBN: 0809085178
      Publication Date: 1992-06-19
      With a reporter's critical eye and a historian's sensibility, he traces decades of press-government relations--during Vietnam, Grenada, and Panama--which helped set the stage for restrictions on Gulf War reporting and for a public-relations triumph by the government. His analysis of the issues that confronted the media in this war is frightening testimony to what happens when the government goes unchallenged, when questions go unasked.

      Cover Art
      Triumph of the Image: The Media's War in the Persian Gulf War: a global Perspective - Hamid Mowlana; George Gerbner; Herbert Schiller
      Call Number: 956.7043 Mowlana 1992
      ISBN: 0813315328
      Publication Date: 1992-10-12


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