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Battle of Hue, 1968  

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Battle for Hue: Tet, 1968 - Keith W. Nolan
ISBN: 0891411984
Publication Date: 1984-04-01
Though the jungle fighting of the Vietnam War has been closely examined, the in-city, house-to-house combat characterized by the Battle for Hue during Tet 1968 had never been covered extensively before the publication of this debut by now-well-known Vietnam War chronicler Keith William Nolan. It was an agonizing struggle to wrest the entrenched and well-supplied enemy from the Imperial City. Block by block, house by house, United States Marines achieved that difficult objective, exhibiting the courage, daring, and camaraderie for which they are renowned. It was a brutal month-long fight, epitomizing the difficulties the "grunts" endured throughout the war. Nolan dismissed the negative stories and disparaging charges made against Vietnam veterans in general - drugs, desertion, unnecessary and wholesale slaughter - and set about interviewing veterans of the fighting at Hue, studying the available literature and researching the archives in order to present an accurate picture of "what the American grunt went through in Vietnam".

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Battles That Changed American History - Spencer C. Tucker
Call Number: EBRARY SSI Collection
ISBN: 9781440828614
Publication Date: Jan 2014
See Chapter on Tet Offensive.

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Block by Block: The Challenges of Urban Operations - William G. Robertson, Lawrence A. Yates, [editors].
Call Number: 355.426 B56 2003
Publication Date: Fort Leavenworth, Kan. : U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Press, 2003
Each chapter contains a narrative account of a designated operation, identifying and analyzing the lessons that remain relevant today.

The battle for Hue, 1969 / James H. Willbanks --

Cover Art
Breaking the Mold: Tanks in the Cities - Kendall D. Gott
Call Number: 355.426 G685
ISBN: 0160762235
Publication Date: 2006-07-12
Ch. 2. Pattons to the Rescue: Hue, Vietnam, 1968

Cover Art
Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq - Louis Dimarco
Call Number: 355.426 DiMarco 2012
ISBN: 9781849087926
Publication Date: 2012-11-20
In Concrete Hell, Louis DiMarco has provided a masterful study of the brutal realities of urban warfare, of what it means to seize and hold a city literally block by block.

Complex urban warfare : the battle for Hue, 1968

Cover Art
A Distant Challenge - Albert N. Garland (Editor); William C. Westmoreland (Introduction by)
Call Number: 959.704 D614
ISBN: 0898390710
Publication Date: 1984-06-01
1968 Ch. 4, Tet Offensive; The Battle of Hue

Cover Art
Fire in the Streets: the battle for Hue, Tet 1968 - Eric Hammel
Call Number: 959.704 H224f
ISBN: 9780935553574
Publication Date: 2006-11-01
The focus of the story is on small units and individual fighting men as they grapple with advancing through the unfamiliar terrain across an urban battlefield.

Cover Art
The Hidden History of America at War: untold tales from Yorktown to Fallujah - Kenneth C. Davis
Call Number: 355.020973 Davis 2015
ISBN: 140132410X
Publication Date: 2015-05-05
Kenneth C. Davis aims to change that. Here, he takes readers inside six landmark battles that offer crucial insights. From the Battle of Yorktown (1781), where a fledgling America learned hard lessons about what kind of military it would need to survive; to 1945 Berlin, when the downfall of the Third Reich set the stage for decades of Cold War tension; to Fallujah (2004), which epitomized the dawn of privatized war, Davis explores the key battlefield characters and events, shattering myths and misconceptions. Revelations include: the unacknowledged role that enslaved people and free African Americans played in the Revolution and Civil War; the grave miscalculations and cruelty that took place at Petersburg, Virginia, site of the longest siege of an American city; the scandalous use of water torture and civilian atrocities that shook Theodore Roosevelt's White House; the secret reasons why Stalin was desperate to take Berlin in the closing days of World War II--and why General Eisenhower let him; and the epic battle that changed how reporters covered--and Americans viewed--the Vietnam War. With this book, Davis illuminates why we go to war, who fights, the grunt's-eye view of combat, and how these conflicts shaped our military and national identity.--From publisher description.

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Phase Line Green: The Battle for Hue, 1968 - Nicholas Warr
Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
ISBN: 9781612512754
Publication Date: 2012-11-16
The bloody monthlong battle for the Citadel in Hue pitted U.S. Marines against an entrenched North Vietnamese Army force. By official accounts it was a tactical and moral victory for the Marines and the United States. But here survivor Nicholas Warr describes with urgency and outrage the Marines' savage house-to-house fighting--ordered without air, naval, or artillery support by officers with no experience in that type of combat.Sparing few in the telling, Warr's firsthand narrative tells of desperate Marine suicide charges and of the Marines' selfless devotion to their comrades.

Cover Art
The Lost Battalion of TET: breakout of the 2/12th Cavalry at Hue - Charles A. Krohn
Call Number: ONLINE EBRARY SSI Collection
ISBN: 9781591144342
Publication Date: 2013-05-11
Tells the story of a near military disaster and the daring breakout of 2/12th Cav's break-out at Hue during the 1968 Tet offensive during the Vietnam war. This was one of the first engagements of the Tet offensive and signaled the potential of the larger Viet Cong/North Vietnamese offensive to come.

Cover Art
The Lost Battalion: Controversy and Casualties in the Battle of Hue - Charles A. Krohn; Henry A. Giroux
Call Number: 959.704 K93
ISBN: 0275945324
Publication Date: 1993-11-30
"This book tells about the price a US Army cavalry battalion paid in blood when a few senior officers were off form during the 1968 Tet Offensive."

Cover Art
Public Affairs: The Military and the Media 1962-1968 - William M. Hammond (Produced by)
Call Number: 959.70438 Hammond & Online Center for Military History
ISBN: 0160016738
Publication Date: 1989-02-10
This book examines the tensions and controversies that developed as the war lengthened and the news media went about their traditional tasks. The first of two volumes on the subject, it draws upon previously unavailable Army and Defense Department records to interpret the role the press played during the war.

Cover Art
The Rise and Fall of an American Army - Shelby L. Stanton; Harry G. Summers (Foreword by)
Call Number: 959.704 S792
ISBN: 0891412328
Publication Date: 1985-07-01

Cover Art
Tet Offensive 1968 - Andrew Rawson
Call Number: 959.704342 Rawson 2013
ISBN: 0752487841
Publication Date: 2013-06-01
"By the end of January 1968 the American people thought their armed forces were winning in South Vietnam after three years of escalating conflict. Then the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong struck back, hitting military and political targets across the country. While the NVA and Viet Cong suffered a military defeat, they dealt a huge blow to US support for the war. If you want to understand what happened and why - read Battle Story." -- From the book cover.

Cover Art
Tet Offensive 1968 - James R. Arnold
Call Number: 959.70434 Arnold 1990
ISBN: 0850459605
Publication Date: 1990-05-24
"The 1968 Tet Offensive was the decisive battle for Vietnam. Masterminded by the brilliant North Vietnamese General, Vo Nguyen Giap, it was intended to trigger a general uprising in South Vietnam. However, the bloody fighting for Saigon, Hue and other cities actually resulted in a catastrophic defeat for the North. In this excellent assessment of the key battle of the Vietnam conflict, James Arnold details the plans and forces involved and explains how, despite the outcome of the battle, the American people and their leaders came to perceive the war for Vietnam as lost"--Osprey website.

Cover Art
The Tet Offensive: a Concise History - James H. Willbanks
Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
ISBN: 0231128401
Publication Date: 2006-11-14
Begins with a historical overview of the events leading up to the offensive, the attack itself, and the consequent battles of Saigon, Hue, and Khe Sahn. Continues with a critical assessment of the main themes and issues surrounding the offensive, and concludes with excerpts from American and Vietnamese documents, maps and chronologies, an annotated list of resources, and a short encyclopedia of key people, places, and events.

Cover Art
This Time We Win: Revisiting the TET Offensive - James S. Robbins
Call Number: ONLINE EBSCOhost SSI Collection
ISBN: 9781594036484
Publication Date: 2012-10-16
See chapters:The battle of hue city -- Hue and My Lai.

James S. Robbins provides an antidote to the flawed Tet mythology still shaping the perceptions of American military conflicts against unconventional enemies and haunting our troops in combat. In his re-examination of the Tet Offensive, Robbins analyzes the Tet battles and their impact through the themes of terrorism, war crimes, intelligence failure, troop surges, leadership breakdown, and media bias.

Cover Art
To the Limit: an Air Cav Huey pilot in Vietnam - Tom A. Johnson
Call Number: 959.704 J65 2006
ISBN: 1597970018
Publication Date: 2006-06-01
Tom A. Johnson flew the UH-1 "Iroquois" - better known as the "Huey" - in the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion of the First Air Cavalry Division. From June 1967 through June 1968, he accumulated an astonishing 1,600 flying hours (1,150 combat and 450 noncombat). His battalion was one of the most highly decorated units in the Vietnam War and, as part of the famous Air Cav, helped redefine modern warfare. With tremendous flying skill, Johnson survived rescue missions and key battles that included those for Hue and Khe Sanh and operations in the A Shau and Song Re Valleys, while many of his comrades did not.

Cover Art
Vietnam's Forgotten Army - Andrew A. Wiest; Jim Webb (Foreword by); Andrew Wiest
Call Number: 959.704 W652
ISBN: 0814794106
Publication Date: 2007-12-01
Coming of age in a time of war -- A war transformed: battle, politics and the Americanization of the war, 1963-1966 -- Fighting two wars: years of attrition and pacification, 1966-1967 -- A time for heroes: the Tet Offensive -- After Tet: the year of hope -- Hamburger Hill: the untold story of the battle for Dong Ap Bia -- A war transformed: Vietnamization, 1969-1970 -- Shattered lives and broken dreams: Operation Lam Son 719 -- The making of a traitor -- Journeys home: life in the wake of a lost war.


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