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This bibliography lists resources for the study of FORCE XXI, especially in terms of the evolution of Human Resouces in the US Army.
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Force XXI Books, Publications and Professional Papers

TRADOC PAM 525-5 Force XXI Operations: A Concept for the Evolution of Full-Dimensional Operations for the Strategic Army of the Early Twenty-First Century - Training and Doctrine Command
Call Number: 355.0332 F697
Publication Date: 1 August 1994
TRADOC Pamphlet 525-5 sets forth future full-dimensional operations for FORCE XXI -- a strategic Army that will continue to provide staying power on land as part of of the joint team to meet ... national security requirements.

America's Army in Transition: Force XXI, Process of Change to a Capabilities Based Army. - ARMY TRAINING AND DOCTRINE COMMAND FORT MONROE VA
Publication Date: OCT 1996
This pamphlet provides an update on what we have done since we published our first Force XXI pamphlet in January 1995 (America's Army of the 21st Century: Force XXI, Meeting the 21st Century Challenge). It serves to inform the Army community as well as government and industry officials what we are doing to move the Army into the future while remaining trained and ready today.

America's Army of the 21st Century: Force XXI Meeting the 21st Century Challenge. - LOUISIANA MANEUVERS TASK FORCE FORT MONROE VA OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF
Publication Date: 15 JAN 1995
rce XXI is the reconceptualization and redesign of the force at all echelons, from the foxhole to the industrial base, to meet the needs of a volatile and ever changing world. The central and essential feature of this Army will be its ability to exploit information. Information and digital technologies are creating such a synergistic effect among all the operating systems, organizations, and components that the Army's capability will be enhanced by an order of magnitude.

Army Opms XXI Affects Careers - Edward D. Mason, Major, US Army
Call Number: ONLINE DTIC
Publication Date: CSC 1999
OPMS XXI will encourage specialization over the current generalist philosophy that Army culture promotes. OPMS XXI will develop a more cohesive force, better allocate
promotion opportunities, and retain the most competent leaders, capable of executing national military strategy challenges of the early 21st century?

Cover Art
Breaking the Phalanx: a new design for landpower in the 21st century - Douglas A. MacGregor; Center for Strategic and International Studies Staff
Call Number: 355.020973 MacGregor
ISBN: 0275957942
Publication Date: 1997-01-30
see chapter: Organizing within the RMA Trendlines

EPMS XXI final report (Enlisted personnel management system XXI final report ) - United States, Department of the Army.
Call Number: 355.33 E65 2001
Publication Date: 31 August 2001.
General Eric K. Shinseki, Chief of Staff of the Army charged the Army Development System XXI (ADS XXI) Task Force (TF) "To chart a course for enlisted and warrant officer development and management required in the next century" in November 1999.

Force XXI: A Select Bibliography - US Army War College Bibliography
Publication Date: April 1997
This Bibliography was written by the Army War College Librarians.

Force XXI: Land Combat in the 21st Century - U.S. Army, Training and Doctrine Command
Call Number: 355.033573 TRADOC
Publication Date: 1996.
This pamphlet is a report out on the progress of Joint Venture, the Army's main effort in designing the Army of the early 21st Century.

Force XXI and the American Way of War. - King, David M.
Publication Date: 19 MAY 1995
This study examines the Force XXI concept to determine whether it overturns old paradigms of warfare or is merely a continuation of a traditional American approach to war. Rather than bringing fundamental change, technology provides the means for the Army to avoid changing its approach to warfare. Technology offers the possibility for the Army to win wars of annihilation despite reductions in its size during an era of fiscal restraint.

Force XXI Logistics: Company-Grade, Multifunctional Logisticians; Setting The Conditions For Success - Marquardt, Kent S.
Publication Date: 16 DEC 1998
As the Chief of Staff of the Army approves the implementation of the redesign of the Army Of Excellence (AGE) into the Conventional Heavy Division Redesign (CHDR) or, better known as, the Force XXI (FXXI) Division, the ramifications to the tactical logistician are tremendous.

Leader Competencies: Implications for Force XXI. FY 96 Mobile Strike Force Battle Command Experiment. - TRADOC ANALYSIS CENTER FORT LEAVENWORTH KS
Publication Date: JUN 1995
The unprecedented challenges of transitioning to the fighting force of the 21st Century are reflected in the Army's comprehensive focus on the Force XXI axis: the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) Army (usually designated as the Joint Venture axis); the Institutional Army; and digitization, the principal enabler of change. Identifying requirements to achieve Force XXI objectives will enable the Army to meet the challenges it will face ahead.

Redesign of the Institutional Army, Phase I. Volume I - BENTLEY ADAMS HARGETT RILEY AND CO INCARLINGTON VA
Call Number: ONLINE DTIC
Publication Date: MAY 1998
This report reflects the results of Phase I of the Institutional/TDA Army axis of the Force XXI Campaign. It provides a historical record of the Institutional Army's efforts to reinvent itself to date to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Straight Line Manning: A Strategic Alternative to Stabilize the Army XXI Force - McNamara, Marvin K.
Publication Date: 15 MAY 1998
This USAWC Strategic Research Project examines U.S. Army force instability and proposes some force manning alternatives to stabilize the Army as it enters the 21st Century.

Cover Art
To Fight or Not to Fight? Organizational and Doctrinal Trends in Mounted Maneuver Reconnaissance from the Interwar Years to Operation Iraqi Freedom - Robert S. Cameron; U.S. Army Combined Arms Center Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: 355.413 C1828
ISBN: 9780982328392
Publication Date: 2010-01-01
Force XXI and the Winds of Change, p. 335 ff. The Force XXI Division and the Brigade Reconnaissance troop, p. 390.

"The 1990s opened with the Cold War's end, the Gulf War victory, and an explosion of new information technology. Harnessing this new technology to combat organizations constituted the essence of Force XXI, which occupied much of the Army's focus and funding." p. 335

Publication Date: 06 APR 1995
Modernization objectives: project and sustain; protect the force; win the information; conduct precision strike; dominate the maneuver battle; and assure land force dominance into the 21st Century

Cover Art
Victory Starts Here: A Short 40-Year History of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command - Benjamin King
Call Number: 355.50973 King 2013
ISBN: 9780988583788
Publication Date: 2013
Ch. III Force Design and Weapons Development. Force XXI. Ch. V. Training and Leader Development.


Personnel Doctrine, the S1, Field Manuals and Publications

Battalion Commander's Guide to the S1 Section - Headquarters, Department of the Army
Call Number: TC 12-18 SPEC Coll
Publication Date: May 1992
Ch. 1 outlines special missions and organization. Ch. 2 contains guidance and includes indicators for measuring its performance. Ch. 3 covers personnel service company/military personnel division and finance support command. Ch. 4 presents an overview of automation, focusing on TACCS. The S1 sections functions are listed in the appendix.

FM 12-6 Personnel Doctrine - Headquarters, Department of the Army
Call Number: FM 12-6 SPEC COLL
Publication Date: 9 September 1994
FM 12-6 describes personnel doctrine and how it fits into the Army's current operational concept. The doctrinal principles in this manual apply across the operational continuum and to all components of the total force, including Active Army, US Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

FM 12-50, U.S. Army Bands - Headquarters Department of the Army
Call Number: FM 12-50 SPEC COLL
Publication Date: October 1999
The Mission of the Army Bands in Force XXI Operations is to provide music to enhance unit cohesion and morale and to musically support military operations.

FM 100-5 Operations - Headquarters, Department of the Army
Call Number: FM 100-5 SPEC COLL
Publication Date: June 1993
FM 100-5 is the Army's keystoen warfighting doctrine. This keystone manual links the Army's role and missions to the National military strategy, of which power projection is a fundamental principle.

Finding Relevance on the Battlefield: The Adjutant General Corps After Army Transformation - Brlecic, Jeffrey W
Publication Date: 01 FEB 2001
The Army Vision for the Objective Force calls for revolutionizing the way in which Army forces are supported. Streamlining procedures, improving efficiency, and reducing the support footprint have become top priorities for the Combat Service Support community.


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