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The Soldier Support Institute Library promotes the SSI mission and training, intellectual inquiry, continuum of lifelong learning and professional development. Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by your SSI Librarian.

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" gen thomas"old rosy10 june 1864. civil war.adjutant general corpsamerican history. american revolution. southern campaign. carolinas.ardennes offensivearmy modernizationasymmetric warfareasymmetric warfare. counterinsurgency. small wars. american history. vietnam. afghan war. iraq war.atlanta campaignbattlebattle of kennesaw mountainbattle of kolb's farmbattle of the bulgebrice's cross roads. battle of guntown. battle of tishomingo creek.bunker hill. breed's hill. col william prescott. american revolutionary war.burning of columbia. carolina campaign. staff ride. civil war. battle of river's bridge.cavalry operationschickamaugacivil warfirst battle of the marneforce xxigen pattongeneral rosecransgettysburg. civil war. 1863. general robert e. lee. general chamberlain. general longstreet. generahistoryhuman resourcesiraqiraq war. afghanistan war. civil war. world war ii. battle of the bulge. vietnam war. biography. coukorean war. battle of chipyong-ni. col. freeman.leadershipmilitary historymilitary sciencenew booksoperation market garden. battle of arnhem. general urquhart.operation phantom fury; battles for fallujahoperationspersonnelpickett's millprofessional military reading program resources.shermansleepsoldier support institute commanding general's reading program. united states constitution. swayssi staff ride resources. revolutionary war. southern campaignstaff work.tet offensivethird armywifi. ssi library catalog; ssi library information. checking out books. library privileges. histori1914


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This website, powered by Springshare, offers bibliographies compiled by the SSI librarian to promote the professional development of the USASSI Soldiers, students, staff and faculty. The Library fully supports the SSI mission of building adaptive leaders and capabilities across the Human Resource and Finance Management domains; promotes research, intellectual inquiry and the continuum of lifelong learning.